Blackfly Brewfest 2017

Looks like this is our first blog post on the website, and it starts out with a great one! We’ll be serving some of the beers we’ll have in our tap room rotation-ally when we open at Blackfly Brewfest in Houlton Maine on May 20th this year! So make your way up to that area as there is a great list of breweries going and it sure to be a great time!

Below is a list of the beers we’ll be bringing:

Hurricane Brett – A barrel fermented and aged Saison, fermented with 58 strains of Brettanomyces and aged on lemons, limes, and tangerines.

Wild Pitch Beast – A barrel aged sour beer using our golden sour base recipe using Lactic Acid Yeast(LAY) strains provided to us by Wild Pitch Yeast. These are the strains that not only ferment the beer but also sour it at the same time.

Tap the Sap – A NEIPA brewed as an ode to the fresh pine smell of the Maine woods, loads of piney resiny dry hoppy goodness. We also use one of our local wild yeast strains in this beer.

Cloudy with a chance of no filter – A NE DIPA which we triple dry hop with a massive amount of hops and lupulin giving it that extremely pungent dank and “juicy” quality we look for in the NE cloudy styles.

For our VIP beer we’ll be pouring “Don’t Tickle My Prickle” which is one of our sour beers aged on prickly pears that were fresh from a brewery friends farm in Texas. Tart, sour, and deliciously refreshing.

Ontop of beers we’ll also be bringing a few things for people who are more interested in the microbiology side of brewing. We’ll have some petri dishes with some of our microbes grown on them so everyone can see the little microbes that ferment and sour our beers without having to use a microscope! So stop on by the booth and check them out and enjoy some of the beers they fermented, cheers!


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