About our Beer

Tearing apart the style guides! When we brew we just brew what tastes good.  All we care about is quality and taste. We pride ourselves on ensuring our beer not only uses the most quality ingredients we can find but that our yeast and bacteria are consistently in check to deliver the best flavors possible. That being said, we will be coming out of the gates with a few style such as an Americanized version of Berliner Weisse, Sour beers that don’t really fall into any category specifically, hop forward beers using alternative yeast strains, and fruited sours that we will rotate the fruit on according to what is locally available and fresh.   As brewers our true passion lies in brewing sour/funky beers. In the back round we will be building up our wild/spontaneous barrel program and we will keep everyone updated as we progress forward on it. We try to source as much as we can locally including Maine wild harvested yeast strains.  We like to use ingredients not many are playing with to create a wonderful balance of flavors. We are constantly changing it up and trying new things, so stop on by and grab a brew. “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”