Experimental Brews


We here are Mainiacal Brewing Co like to keep things ever changing and different. When we first started our brewing en devours we came across the brewing of Gruit when looking into no hop beers. Gruit is known by many different names in different cultures in time, but it represents a long forgotten past of brewing. Although hops were used in beers occasionally, they weren’t the staple they are today in brewing. You pretty much used whatever you had off hand to help bitter the beer and balance the flavors. This made the ingredient list unlimited. Thanks to the craft beer movement its been back on the rise. Most people have either never heard of Gruit or have never tried it. Some have a hard time understanding how its balanced as they are used to the hop/malt balance. But Gruit brings the ability to really shake things up and change our conception on brews. Naturally, this made it perfect for us! Stop on by and try the rising trend that is Gruit!


 Tundra Series

Now here is an unique style and fits well in our cold winters of Maine! This style is unique in that it ages in barrels outside with no temperature control during all parts of the year. This means we leave it to age outside in our harsh winters which will freeze the barrels of beer. We’ll then chip through the ice and funnel the whats left of the beer out during the winter. Credit where credit is due, this style is inspired by OEC Brewing’s Frigus series. We’ll keep everyone updated as these progress!


Amphora Series

So what’s an Amphora? An Amphora is a clay pot which can be made out of a variety of types of clay. They are specifically made to hold liquids so are usually treated with beeswax on the inside to seal it and make it so the liquid doesn’t come to much in direct contact with the clay. These types of containers were extremely common in the ancient world for transporting liquids and were also used to ferment in, amongst other things. We’ll use these types of containers to ferment in for this project. Although we haven’t started this project up yet, it is in our sights and definitely will be happening!


Stone Age Series