Mainiacal Yeast

Coming early-mid 2017!

Not only are we brewers at Mainiacal Brewing Co but we also provide microbial lab services to other breweries/wineries in the area using our in-house Lab!

With years of hands on experience we can assure you of the utmost quality in our services and products!

More details to follow but here are some of the services we’ll be offering –

  • Wild Yeast/Bacteria isolation – We’ll come to the requested location and harvest off anything such as plants, barrels, the open air, or really anything(only available locally).  You can also do this yourself and send the sample in to us. We’ll take those samples to the lab and isolate out the yeast/bacteria. We’ll then put those strains through a few trials to ensure they are brew worthy before propping the yeast/bacteria up to a pitch-able amount.
  • Microbial contamination tests – Can be done on at any stage during the brewing/fermentation process. We can also test the brewery space itself for area’s of contamination or really anything desired.
  • Working with another lab we can also sequence the DNA of strains(using ITS sequencing) finding out what species it actually is. We are working to do this in-house as well!
  • Titratable acid and Dissolved Oxygen tests
  • Analysis of current yeast strains such as Viability, Vitality, Diacetyl, cell counts etc.
  •  Starting a QC program course
  • Providing wild/rare isolated yeast/bacteria(as well as mixed cultures) to both home brewers and pro-brewers.
  • Basic Analysis of beer such as SRM, IBU, Alcohol %
  • More to come!