Our Beers

Cloudy with a chance of no filter – One of our NE style DIPAs. It’s very hazy and golden in color, with a nice silky mouthfeel. Like most of the current NE IPA/DIPA styles we dry hop the hell out of it! Using Amarillo, Belma, Mosaic, and Citra it gives it that extremely dank and juicy quality that style is known for. We first double dry hop this bad boy then run it through a hop rocket(stainless steel air tight container filled with hops) to make it a triple dry hopped brew. What makes ours unique is the yeast we chose to ferment it with. We used a yeast strain which we isolated from a Kveik(click the link for more info on what that is) culture. It produces tons of fruit flavors so it fits perfectly in this style!

Tour of the Galaxy – 

Tap the Sap – A NE IPA with a golden hue, very hazy, and extremely hop forward. We use loads of piney hops in late additions and in dry hop as an ode to the wonderful smells of Maine’s forests. We double dry hop this using lupulin powder, to give it a extra kick of pungent hop flavor.

The Color Plum – A more Americanized version of a Berliner. Although it looks deceptively dark like a stout, it doesn’t taste like it! We sour this using a mix of bacteria some being locally harvested and isolated. We also ferment this with 2 very interesting yeast strains, one which was harvested and revived from a 14 million year old whale fossil – Protocetid Ale. After all this, we age it on plums for a couple months until it reaches its peak flavor. It leaves us with a dark, very light hints of roast and vanilla, sour plumy goodness!

Hurricane Brett – One of our experimental barrel fermented and aged Saisons. Whats interesting about is beer is we use every Brettanomyces strain we have in our collection to ferment it. Our first batch had 58 strains of Brett in it, and version 2 has 72 strains. It makes a fruity and crush-able Saison! We then kick it up a notch by aging it on fresh lemon, lime, and tangerine peels. Each batch of this beer will be completely different thanks to the addition of the new Brett strains we get pretty consistently!

Wild Pitch Beast – A barrel fermented and aged golden sour using our very unique Lactic Acid Yeast strains(more info on those on our yeast page). We ferment this in fresh red wine barrels with a few of our Lactic Acid Yeast strains, and let it age in the barrel until it reaches its peak of flavor. We then rotation-ally choose whatever fruit is in season to fruit this beer with, so its ever changing!

Bahama Mama Smoothie – A DIPA brewed similar to the NE style hazy hop bombs, but less bitter. We use all late addition lupulin to drive a juicy hop profile while retaining no bitterness. After its done fermenting we then age it on pineapples, toasted coconut, and orange peels. We also hit it again with some lupulin to drive some more hop aromas, and then finally add some lactose(milk sugar) to smooth out the mouthfeel and add a touch of sweetness back. This beer has a very juicy dry hop profile, while having tons of tropical fruit flavors!

Jamaican Me Brett Crazy – A funky re-spin on a classic robust porter. We brew this in the fashion of a English robust porter, but we funk up the fermentation. After going through a normal fermentation, we then move it over to neutral oak barrels where it ages and develops with a few of our Brettanomyces yeast strains.  After the secondary fermentation is complete we then age it on Jamaican Me Crazy coffee beans and vanilla beans. The end result is a nice roasty porter with hints of vanilla, caramel, light funk and coffee, so smooth and so delicious!

Pediopower – A beer brewed to show off the greatness that is the bacteria known as Pediococcus. Now this beer is subject to change as we make this beer by blending our best stock of barrels that use only Pediococcus as a souring bacteria. We really want the flavors that our strains of Pedio produce to shine through!

Don’t Tickle My Prickle – A golden base beer we sour using all local bacteria and ferment with a mix of 20 different Brettanomyces strains. After the beer reaches a great flavor on its own we then age it on fresh prickly pear flesh. After the fermentation has completed the prickly pear leaves a totally different flavor then it has going into the fermenter. It leaves us with a sourness from the bacteria, tropical fruit notes from the yeast, slight residual sweetness from the malts, and a punch of tart prickly pear! We can’t get enough of the unique flavor and color prickly pears add!

High Hops Low Bush – This is one of the beers in our “smoothie” series. At its core, its a NE IPA with the addition of lactose and blueberries fermented with wild yeast strains. We hit it with a large dose of fresh Maine low bush wild blueberries which were picked right in our Co-Owner Cody’s backyard. We also hit it with a big dose of Mosaic lupulin in both whirlpool and dry hop. It winds up a crush-able well balanced NE IPA with loads of berry character with a burst of hop aroma and taste. The lactose gives it a smooth mouthfeel as well.

The Upside Down – This beer is inspired by one of our favorite shows, Stranger Things. We’ll release more info on this beer around the release time of Season 2!

Grandma’s Windowsill – Our interpretation of a NEIPA in apple pie form. We use lots of oats and lactose to give it a smooth mouthfeel as well as biscuit malt and rye to give you that piecrust like flavor. It’s fermented with one of our Norwegian Kveik cultures – Simonatis. We then age it on cinnamon and brown sugar baked apples, ginger, jalapeños, cinnamon sticks and vanilla beans. We then double dry hop it with Eukanot, Simcoe, and Mosaic lupulin. It leaves you with a smooth apple pie milk shake with a nice punch of berry forward hops, perfect for the fall and winter.


Sake It To Me – 


Norwegian Farmhouse Ales 

These styles of beers are in our opinion one of the most unique styles that is currently still being made. The origins of this style start in Norway and surrounding areas. Depending on the style, the water used in the brewing process of these types of beers are infused with Juniper branches. Not only for taste but for antibacterial purposes. Traditionally the malts(barley) used in these beers were sun dried or smoked by the brewers themselves in buildings they built for that purpose. Although the beers are now boiled as you would most beers, the origins of the style show some brewers used heated rocks to maintain their temperatures during the brewing process. Now the most interesting part(in our opinion) is the yeast used in some of these styles. Their known as Kveik. They are yeast cultures that have been handed down for generations within families. They were also stored in rugged conditions such as being dried out which caused them to be such beasts. They can all ferment at very high temps with no off flavors making their fermentation times much shorter. They also produce some massive fruit notes and other amazing aromatics unlike any yeast we’ve seen. Although the cultures are mostly made up of yeast strains, some do contain bacteria in them. If your interested in reading more info on these beer styles check out Lars’s Blog http://www.garshol.priv.no/blog/.

Kornøl – We hold true to Norwegian traditions for brewing this beer. All the water used for this beer is infused with juniper bushes before using it. When we brew this beer we actually mash the beer in a wooden barrel as opposed to stainless steel, and we maintain the heat of the mash with heated stones that we have to swap in and out to maintain the temperature as it was traditionally done. We then filter the beer through juniper branches. We use one of the Kveik cultures we mentioned above in this beer. It leaves you with a light, fruity beer with hints of Juniper and a slight tartness.

Vossaøl – We brew this using the same techniques as we did with the Kornøl but we used a different families yeast culture as well as different grains and hops. This beer is a nice brown/amber color with layers of stone fruit followed by hints of smoke and Juniper.



Mainegose  – We brew this beer around the summer time as its a nice crushable gose, prefect for a beach get-away.  We ferment this ale with a very interesting assortment of bacteria and Brett,  and then we add in some local Maine sea salt. After fermentation has completed we then age it in Tequila barrels and add mangoes. This beer is perfect crushable beach time adventure!

Gross Vom Krampus – More details on this beer around the winter holiday season!

The Hallowed Harrower – More details on this beer around Autumn!

Winter Is Coming – More details on this beer around the winter holiday season!


Historical Beer Project

We here at Mainiacal love the history of beer and other fermented alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. With this came the idea to do a beer series that takes beer from all over the world throughout history and find them a home here at our brewery! We try to stick to the original process as closely as possible as well as the ingredients that would have been used at that time. That being said we do modernize some of the styles a bit to make sure they are of the highest quality. Take a tipsy walk through history!

The Salem Witch Trials

Most of the styles in this sub series are Gruits. Which means they are beers that don’t use hops. Instead other herbs are used to bitter the beer and add a balancing flavor to the malt character. In this series we try to stick to herbs that were used during the time period of the Salem Witch trials although there are a couple of beers in the series that use hops. These beers will roll out in seasonally during the fall. We also plan to brew these beers in a big black cauldron, cause’ why not?

The Black Flame Candle – Truth be told, the name of this beer comes from a movie I’m sure you all can guess. 3 sisters, all witches, Sarah Jessica Parker…that is all. This beer is deceptively dark, in the sense that it doesn’t taste as dark as it looks. We use a mix of herbs in this containing yarrow, cinnamon stick, mugwort, lemongrass stalk, sage and ginger. Although some of these herbs would not have been available to colonials at this time we really liked the mix of herbs. We then ferment it with some interesting wild yeast strains, our Protocetid strain, an odd alternative yeast strain(Tolurspora D) and a mix of wild bacteria.

Abigail William’s Midnight Dance – A beer named after the infamous Abigail Williams, who was one of the persons responsible for sparking the Salem Witch trials by accusing others of witchcraft. This beer holds more historically accurate to what herbs and spices they would have had access to during this time period. This is another beer that is deceptively dark. While mashing the grains for the beer we add a heap of freshly roasted pumpkin to the mash. We also make sure to use corn as it would have been readily available. We use another custom blend of herbs and spices we mixed up including blackberry and raspberry leaves, lemon balm, sage, orange peel, chamomile, and spearmint leaves. We then hit with a healthy dose of local raw and unfiltered honey.  After the brewing process we add bootleg biology’s “The Mad Fermentationist’s Blend” which is a mix of yeast and bacteria that came from one of Michael Tonsmeire’s house blend.

Burn The Witch – More details to come! All we can tell you is that if you drink this beer and feel the heat of the flames in your mouth, you may be a witch…


Ancient Egypt

Beer was one of the main dietary foods of ancient Egyptians lives. Even slave labor workers were given beer regularly. But at that time period it was mainly used for calorie intake, although there was plenty of drinking for social purposes! During this period there are 3 eras commonly referred to – The Old Kingdom, The Middle Kingdom, and The New Kingdom. During these eras different ingredients were used to make their brew. Just like our other historical styles we try to stick to those ingredients as much as we can while still calling it beer.

Old Kingdom –

Middle Kingdom – 

New Kingdom –


Ancient Japanese


Viking Era

The Norseman of old sure did enjoy their alcoholic beverages. Beer, mead, wine…they enjoyed them all. Like our other historical series we try to use ingrediants their time period would have had access to. What also makes this series special is the blending in of meads adding a rich honey flavor to many of the beers.

Bjorn’s Grog – 


Odin’s Spear –




Mongol Empire

Native American

Contrary to belief, the Native Americans did have alcoholic beverages before the arrival of colonists although it was more commonly found in what is now the Southwest United States. Although the use of grains was not included in their drinks, we of course have to for the purpose of it being beer. We use this series to focus on those ingrediants they would have used in those drinks and blend them into our beers.

Ancient Greece


Ancient China


Tundra Series

This is a very interesting series using methods used in other styles such as Icebochs. Thanks to the cold winters here in Maine we are able to do this series. Although currently this program is not under way we plan to start it this winter. What it entails is exposing some of our oak barrels to the outside conditions of Maine. Which means during the winter they should freeze completely. Only beers that completely freeze will be included in this series blends. As we build up our stock of these beers we’ll update this section with more info!


Woods of the World

We use this series to explore the interesting woods of the world. Although oak is the most common wood used in aging of beer, we’re interested in what other kinds of wood bring to a beers flavor.